Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy outlines the types of personal information we collect, how we use it, and the steps we take to ensure your information is handled appropriately. By using our website, you agree to the collection and use of information in accordance with this policy.

What We Collect?

This section explains what personal information we collect while you use our website or services. The information we collect includes but not limited to:

  • Demographic information such as location, age, and gender.
  • Comments, feedback, ratings, and other submissions.
  • Analytics data like IP address, browser type, device type, operating system, referring URLs, and the pages you visit on our site.
  • Communication preferences as and when you give consent.
  • Contact details like Gmail when you opt to subscribe to the newsletter.
  • Personal Data like username, financial, and delivery details from third parties when you buy things through our Services or from a third party after clicking on an affiliate link in our content.
  • Email metrics such as how many times you opened the mail, link clicks, engagement time, etc. after expressing consent to add to the newsletter subscription list.

Please note that we do not ask for any sensitive information from you. Even if such information is acquired with consent, they are subjected to the same privacy policy regulations. This information collection is applicable to the following sects:

  • Visitors and/or users of the website.
  • Authors, editors, and other contributors to our website.

How do we use your Information?

We collect various types of information to improve our services and your user experience on the website through various activities like:

  1. To Provide and Maintain Our Service: Ensuring the smooth operation of our website and providing the services you request.
  2. To Deliver News Alerts: The information we collect may be added to the newsletter subscription list with your consent.
  3. To Improve the Newsletter: The email metrics we may collect will be used to improve the content of the newsletter and tailor it to your interests.
  4. To Improve Our Website: Analyzing usage data to enhance the functionality and user experience of our website.
  5. To Ensure Security: To detect and investigate any activities that challenge the website security or the rights of visitors.
  6. To Inform any changes: Notify any changes in our privacy policy, with your consent.

Who is the Information Shared With?

Your personal data may be shared with others under special circumstances. This section explains why and how your personal information will be shared.

  • Third-Party

We may share your information with third-party services including but not limited to Google Search Console and YouTube that assist us to provide a better experience to you, with or without your consent. Such information will be shared only if it is relevant for them to deliver a better user experience. Kindly note that interaction with third-party services will subject you to the privacy policy of the concerned third-party application.

  • Legal Bodies

We may share your personal information with regulatory bodies whenever applicable. This specifically includes sharing your information with legal authorities including but not limited to courts of any part of the world in connection with proceedings of any case.

Please keep in mind that we may update the privacy policy regularly. All changes will be reflected in the Privacy Policy page itself. We may or may not communicate the changes. In order to stay updated, it is the user’s responsibility to periodically check the Privacy policy changes.