PPC Statistics, 2024 – Search & Social Media PPC Stats

Pay-per-Click advertising is a cost-effective way to advertise brands, businesses as well as products and services online and running PPC ads campaigns has many great benefits for businesses. PPC ads generate targeted traffic to a website, grow the client base, drive sales to a business and, most importantly, increase the awareness of the brand. 

What is great about Pay-per-Click ads is that this type of advertising provides quick results. Once a Pay-per-Click advertising campaign has been launched, it will begin to work and generate traffic as well as paying clients and sales to a business, so you’ll manage to grow your business with PPC ads quickly and successfully.

There are different types of Pay per Click ads, including:

  • search ads
  • display ads
  • text ads
  • video ads 
  • shopping ads

Without a doubt, Pay-per-Click advertising is a good investment for any business because PPC ads work well for small, medium and large companies. If done right, they can contribute greatly to the success of a business. 

However, it’s crucial to conduct a proper PPC research and identify the current trends to develop an effective Pay-per-Click advertising strategy that provides a high return on investment. 

In this article, we are going to take a look at the latest Pay-per-Click statistics for businesses and online marketers can use these stats to create their PPC advertising campaigns in 2024.

So, let’s get started.

General PPC Ads Statistics for 2024

Nowadays, Pay-per-Click advertising is a key part of a digital advertising strategy and PPC ads can be used as a powerful advertising tool to promote brands as well as products and services. Here are the most important facts and overall statistics on PPC advertising that every marketer needs to know in 2024:

  1. On average, small and medium-sized businesses spend about $9000 – $1000 per month on Pay-per-Click advertising.
  1. Pay per Click advertising helps businesses increase the awareness of their brands by 80%.
  1. More than 75% of users choose to click on PPC ads because they would like to find the information that’s relevant to their search queries.   
  1. About 50% of people give a preference to text ads.
  1. Traffic that’s generated by Pay-per-Click ads has a 50% higher conversion rate compared to organic traffic.
  1. Approximately 65% of searchers with high user intent choose to click on paid ads.
  1. About 26% of consumers are ready to click on PPC ads if they are associated with famous brands.
  1. About 82% of people prefer to perform online research before buying a product or service online and consumers would like to study brands carefully when doing the research.
  1. Up to 65% of small and middle-sized businesses choose to use PPC ads to promote their products and services. 
  1. Advertisers from all over the world are expected to spend about $190.5 billion on search pay-per-click ads in 2024.
  1. On average, Pay-per-Click Ads provide a 200% return on investment and that means that advertisers earn $2 for every $1 they spend on Pay-per-Click advertising. 
  1. More than 74% of businesses choose to use Pay-per-Click ads to increase the awareness of their brands.
  1. Over 65% of Internet users prefer to click on PPC ads.
  1. More than 62% of marketers are planning to increase their Pay-per-Click advertising budgets in 2024. 
  2. Up to 40% of brands are ready to invest more in Pay per Click advertising campaigns in 2024.

Search PPC Ads Statistics

The vast majority of online buyers choose to use search engines to find the necessary products and services online. There are three main ways to promote a business in search engines: 1) advertisers can use Pay-Per-Click ads, 2) SEO or 3) SEO and PPC methods to promote their businesses in the search results.

PPC ads can be either a good addition or an alternative to SEO. It’s worth noting that search engine optimization is a time-consuming process and it may take several months or even several years before a business site gets high rankings for target keywords in search engines. 

However, things will go easy with search PPC ads because a Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign starts generating targeted search traffic to a business site once it has been launched. Here is the search PPC advertising statistics for 2024:

Overall Paid Search Ads Statistics

  1. Up to 77% of users see the difference between organic and paid search results. 
  1. Over 33% of users choose to click on paid search because ads contain the answer to their questions.
  1. More than 26% of users click on paid search because ads are associated with a popular brand.
  1. Approximately, 19.6% of clicks are made on sponsored product listings and many people don’t even know that they have clicked on sponsored ads.  
  2. About 19% of users choose to click on paid search ads because they find the ad’s title, description or image interesting.
YouTube video

A lot of people all over the world choose to use Google search regularly and you need to know that Google Ads make it easy to put your business in front of the target audience in the search results. That means Google Ads generate the targeted traffic that converts well. Let’s take a look at Google Ads statistics 2024:

  • About 90% of users see ads in Google search.
  • In Google search, 65% of users choose to click on paid ads and 35% of users give a preference to the organic results.  
  • Approximately 63% of users choose to click on relevant ads in Google search.   
  • Google gets around 30% of the total global Pay-per-Click advertising revenue. 
  • More than 95% of users, who click on Google Ads, use mobile devices and that’s why it’s so important to optimize ads for mobile devices.  
  • The first three paid advertising positions get about 40% of traffic in Google search results.
  • Google Pay-per-Click ad campaigns have a 800% return on investment and that means that businesses earn approximately $8 for each $1 they spend on Google Ads. 
  • Over 63% of Internet users click on Google Ads from time to time. 
  • After clicking on Google ads, about 50% of users choose to make a purchase.   
  • Businesses that use mobile ads to promote their products and services spend about 33% of their advertising budgets on Google Ads. 
  • Advertisers spend about $10 – $50 on Google Ads daily. 
  • Google ad campaigns have a conversion rate of 7%. 
  • On average, advertisers spend $53 to get a lead with Google Ads. 
  • The average cost of a click that’s generated by Google Ads is $4. 
  • The average click-through rate of Google ads campaigns is 6%.
  • It’s expected that businesses from all over the world will spend about $190 billion on search ads in 2024.
  • Up to 98% of PPC advertisers use Google Ads.

Bing Ads Statistics

Bing is a powerful Pay-per-Click advertising platform that is owned by Microsoft. Bing Ads are a more affordable advertising solution compared to Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other PPC advertising solutions. Now, let’s take a look at the Bing Ads statistics:

  • Conversion rate of Bing Ads is 5.5%. 
  • The average cost per click for Bing Ads is $1.5.
  • The cost-through rates of Bing Ads range from 0.38% to 1.3%. 
  • Over 64% of people, who click on Bing Ads, use mobile devices. 
  • Bing Ads are 40% cheaper compared to Google Ads. 
  • More than 22 million advertisers use Bing Ads and this number grows year after year. 
  • Bing Ads generate 1.1 billion clicks per year. 
  • Advertisers from all over the world show more than 1.6 billion ads per day. 
  • More than 77% of Bing Ads get more than 1 impression.
  • Bing Ads get 15 billion impressions monthly. 
  • About 14% of the total search Pay-per-Click ads revenue is generated by Bing Ads.

Social Media Ads Statistics

Popular social media sites provide a huge advertising potential and give businesses an opportunity to promote their brands, products and services for free. They create profiles on popular social media platforms and provide users with valuable content regularly. 

There is another way to promote businesses on social media sites. Businesses can also use paid social media ads to attract the targeted audience or social media ads can be combined with free methods of advertising. 

Social media ads can be a part of a Pay-per-Click advertising strategy and this type of PPC ads allow businesses to get additional traffic and it makes sense to promote a business on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Here is the latest social media PPC ads stats:

General Social Media Ads Statistics

YouTube video
  1. Today, businesses spend about $270 billion on social media ads annually.  
  1. Businesses are expected to spend $300 billion on social media ads in 2024. 
  2. Businesses spend about 33% of their online advertising budgets on social media ads.

Facebook PPC Statistics

Facebook is a popular social media platform with a huge advertising potential and the platform unites people from different countries all over the world. Due to its extensive user base, Facebook is one of the best platforms to reach out to global audiences.

Therefore, Facebook ads are well-known for its high click-through rates (CTR) as compared to other ad campaigns. Now we’ll take a look at the Facebook PPC statistics for 2024:

  • With 3 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the largest social media network in the world and this number shows that the social media platform has a huge marketing potential. 
  • More than 2 billion people use the platform every day.
  • More than 10 million advertisers choose to use Facebook ads.  
  • Facebook gets around 25% of the total global Pay-per-Click advertising revenue.
  • Facebook’s annual Pay per Click advertising revenue has reached $153.776 billion by the beginning of 2024.
  • On average, people spend 33 minutes on Facebook daily.
  • Advertisers, who use Facebook Ads, pay $0.35 per click.
  • Every day Facebook users share over 1 billion stories on the platform. 
  • The average CTR of Facebook Ads is 0.89%. It’s worth noting that Facebook’s click-through rate depends a lot on the industry.
  • The average conversion rate of Facebook Ads is 9%.

Instagram PPC Statistics

Instagram is another popular social media Pay-per-Click advertising platform and it’s known for being one of the most visited sites in the world. Users can share images as well as videos with each other on the social media platform. 

Instagram ads are suitable for promoting brands, products and services and the vast majority of businesses prefer to use image ads on Instagram. Below, we’ll provide you with the general Instagram statistics for 2024:

  • On average, people spend about 29 minutes on Instagram every day.
  • Users spend about 30 minutes on the Instagram application daily. 
  • The engagement rate of an Instagram post increases by 79% when a location is added to it.
  • Adding a face to an image helps increase likes on Instagram by 38%.  
  • Adding a hashtag to an Instagram post helps increase its engagement rate by 13%.
  • Instagram posts with videos get two times more engagement compared to Instagram posts with images. 
  • Instagram is incredibly popular in the U.S. The social media platform has 120 million active users from the United States.
  • Instagram has 1 billion monthly users.
  • Instagram has 500 million daily users. 
  • More than 500 million stories are posted on Instagram every day. 
  • About 63% of Instagram users visit the social media platform every day. 
  • Up to 58% of Instagram users prefer to learn more about a brand after watching a company’s story on the platform.
  • After seeing Instagram Ads, over 50% of users would like to learn more about a brand.
  • About 44% of Instagram users choose to buy something on the platform every week. 
  • Over 40% of Instagram users choose to follow a brand on the platform. 
  • About 10% of Instagram users watch videos on Instagram at least once per week. 
  • More than 50% of Instagram users have discovered new brands on the social media platform. 
  • Businesses grow their Instagram following by 2% every month. 
  • On average, a business shares 6 posts on Instagram every day.

LinkedIn PPC Statistics

LinkedIn would be the perfect PPC advertising platform for B2B businesses, so it’s the right place to promote business-related content and it’s also important to note that LinkedIn Ads have a high conversion rate.

  • LinkedIn has 745.84 million users. 
  • Up to 92% of advertisers, who use LinkedIn, specialize in promoting B2B businesses and they prefer to share business related content on the platform.
  • Over 40% of B2B advertisers choose to use LinkedIn for lead generation purposes.
  • When advertising on LinkedIn, you must be prepared that more than 14% of the world’s population will see your ads. 
  • On average, advertisers have to pay about $5.6 per click to promote with LinkedIn ads. 
  • LinkedIn has earned more than $2 billion on B2B ads.
  • Businesses that run LinkedIn Pay-per-Click advertising campaigns say that their sales have increased by 33%.

Video Pay-per-Click Ads Statistics

As the saying goes, “it’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times” and actually the same can be said about advertising. People want to see what they are going to buy and that’s the reason why the popularity of video ads is constantly growing, so businesses are expected to spend more on video ads in the future. Here is the latest video ads statistics:

  1. Approximately, 16% of people choose to click on video ads. 
  1. About 96% of buyers prefer to watch video about a product or service prior to making a purchase.
  1. More than 52% of buyers make a decision to purchase a product or service only if it has a video.  
  1. More than 89% of people choose to buy a product or service after watching a video about it. 
  1. About 31% of small businesses that don’t use video advertising because they don’t know how to do this.
  1. People tend to watch short videos and about 83% of people prefer to watch short advertising videos that last less than a minute. 
  2. More than 50% of people share videos more frequently compared to other types of content.

If you find that video ads work well for your business, then consider advertising on video-sharing platforms such as YouTube and TikTok because these popular platforms bring together a lot of people, who prefer to watch videos.

There is no doubt that advertising will have a powerful effect on the target audience and traffic that’s generated by ads will convert well into customers and sales.

YouTube Ads Statistics

The global YouTube ad revenue is constantly growing and according to the opinions of many advertisers, YouTube ads are more relevant compared to ads on other video advertising platforms.

  • YouTube ads drive more than 40% of new customers to businesses and that means that YouTube video ads positively affect buyer’s purchase decisions.
  • On average, people watch YouTube videos for about 33 minutes per day.  
  • Approximately 55% of businesses prefer to use YouTube for online promotion. 
  • More than 70% of businesses choose to use YouTube videos to promote their brands. 
  • YouTube has more than 2 billion monthly active subscribers.

TikTok Ads Statistics

TikTok ads are an expensive Pay-per-Click advertising solution that can be used to promote a brand and engage with the target audience. But this type of PPC ads are more expensive compared to Facebook and Instagram PPC ads. Below, we’ll provide the most important statistics and facts on TikTok ads.

  • TikTok has more than a billion monthly active users. 
  • Young people in the age group of 18 – 24 years are 52% of TikTok’s audience. 
  • Approximately 885 million people see TikTok ads. 
  • TikTok advertisers have to spend at least $500 on an advertising campaign.   
  • About 33% of customers respond to relevant TikTok ads. 
  • Approximately 3.7% of TikTok content is created by brands.
  • About 50% of TikTok ads have an emotional impact on the target audience.
  • More than 72% of TikTok buyers are from the United States.

Amazon Ads Statistics

Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce platform that brings so many sellers and buyers together.

Amazon gives businesses a chance to sell or advertise products or services on its platform. Here is the latest statistics to help you get the most out of your Amazon advertising efforts:

  • Amazon gets around 11% of the total global Pay-per-Click advertising revenue. 
  • More than 9.7 million people sell something on Amazon. 
  • About 200,000 Amazon sellers have earned $100,000 on the platform.
  • The average click-through rate of Amazon ads is 0.35%. 
  • More than 30% of online shoppers find Amazon ads useful. 
  • Over 233 billion users visit the Amazon platform per month.

Mobile PPC Advertising Statistics

More and more people choose to use mobile devices to browse the Internet and buy products and services online, so the global mobile traffic is constantly growing and mobile searches become more and more popular. 

It’s pretty easy to use phones, tablets and other mobile devices to perform online searches and that’s why mobile ads are constantly on rise it’s so important to run mobile-optimized ads and have a mobile-friendly website.

  • About 60% of mobile users choose to click on ads once per week.
  • Mobile users generate more than 70% of paid search impressions.
  • About 95% of mobile users click on paid search ads in Google. 
  • It’s expected that businesses will spend $495 billion on mobile ads by the end of 2024. Mobile ad spendings grow year after year.
  • Over 51% of online searches are performed by mobile devices. 
  • More than 91% of smartphone users have made a purchase at least once after seeing relevant PPC ads. 
  • About 70% of mobile users choose to contact a business after seeing Google Ads. 


There is no doubt that Pay per Click advertising is one of the most effective ways to do online promotion and PPC ads allow businesses to boost their online visibility. The best part about Pay per Click ads is that they attract the targeted audience to a business, so traffic that is generated by PPC ads turn into customers and sales well.  

PPC ads are a flexible solution, so advertising campaigns can be modified, suspended or stopped anytime. It is obviously the ideal online advertising solution for small businesses and it can be used to promote products or services with PPC ads if you’ve started a business recently.

It’s hard to run a business in a highly competitive industry, but running PPC campaigns helps businesses stand out from the competition. 

Pay per Click advertising will help you test your business idea and if you see that it works, then you can go further and optimize your business site for search engines and use PPC advertising together with SEO. There is no doubt that you have to use the power of Pay per Click advertising to take your business to the next level!


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